Tuesday, 1 March 2011


The jerky turned out great! I've had to stop myself from eating the lot as it's ideal for taking with me when I'm away from the house and need portable, quick food. I did treat myself to one piece though. I shall definitely be getting some more good quality beef and making some more, plus I may experiment with other meats, perhaps venison if it's not wildly expensive. I also rediscovered macadamia nuts today - ideal for a primal diet, they're bloody lovely and kept me going for quite a while too. It's always a relief to discover handy, portable snacks!

I've not felt light headed at all today, so I reckon the L-Glutamine is really helping. I'll stop taking it when I feel I'm through the transition period and then my body can support its own brain! I have been particularly thirsty again the last couple of days though, and it's not due to salt. I experienced the same problem whilst doing Atkins and it never went away (after 5 months), so I'm worried I may end up drinking water like its going out of fashion for the rest of my life...

On the plus side, I lost another lb! So that down 6.75lbs in total, from 16 stone 2.5 to 15 stone 9.75. It's been quite easy so far, apart from one wobbly moment today when I saw a box of chocolates in a promotional email from Tesco. I'm sure they taste disgusting.

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