Monday, 21 March 2011

Meatier and Meatier


So, diet-wise, I was finding that my weight loss had slowed down considerably (was at 15 stone 6.75 as of Saturday 19th March although I haven't weighed myself since as the stress can apparently hinder weight loss), so I have cut down my carbohydrate intake a bit more woth the aim of going into ketosis for a bit. I shall try to put off weighing myself for as long as possible and hope for a significant drop :) I have found that I can go for longer without eating and eat less when I do, which is a sign that I'm becoming increasingly sensitive to insulin. I hope to improve my sensitivity further by actually soing some exercise - I haven't even been out for a walk recently, so I need to get back into that and start some resistance exercises, as per the Primal Blueprint Fitness routine.

One side effect of this way of eating is that my favourite trousers are now embarassingly loose, in that I had to keep pulling them up whilst walking around the supermarket. I hope that I notice when they are so loose that they don't eve sit on my hips anymore before I leave the house. I have some next size down trousers waiting in the wardrobe for me. Another side effect is, ahem, libido. Or should I say, LIBIDO. It's nice. Although I have no one to share it with at the moment, which can be rather frustrating.

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