Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Jerky Consumption on an Industrial Scale

I've eaten so much jerky that my teeth and gums ache from all the chewing! It's very nice and rather addictive. Having tried a variety of spices and seasonings, I have concluded that the best one is a little salt on its own. I shall be buying more beef for further jerky making soon.

I lost another half a lb yesterday but went back up to 15 stone 9.75 today, most probably because my monthlies have just started, so I'm hoping for a few lbs off once they're over. I added a new plot of weight against time to the right hand side of the page, as suggested by Rachel (a most welcome commenter). I also took the liberty of adding some Amazon links to the blog, so if you are interested in buying one of the books, please do use these links.

I visited the lovely butchers again today and indulged in some more meaty goodness. I'm going to go to bed now as I feel quite battered from a long day of writing about genes and maths.

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