Thursday, 3 March 2011

Please Say Hello!

Hello blog readers. I'm a bit lonely out here with no comments, so it feels as though I'm talking to the ether at the moment! Anyway, I'm happy to report NO light-headedness today, but less happy to report a 1.5lb gain back up to 15 stone 11. I have consoled myself with the fact that my monthlies are approaching and I usually put on 3lbs just before, so it's probably just that, and it serves me right for weighing myself every day. I told myself this morning (in my head, not actually out loud else I scare the cat) that I won't weigh myself for another week, then I'll almost certainly see a loss, but right now I'm thinking sod that, I want to see a loss tomorrow. Is that bad, ether? Probably.

I realised I haven't been including what I've been eating, so here's the list for today: Scrambled eggs made with butter, streaky bacon, celery, romaine lettuce, cucumber, spring onions, olive oil, lamb curry made with lamk shank, cocunut milk, beef stock, carrots, onion, other veg, spices, herbs, (was amazing), mackerel, pork spare ribs.

I'm really enjoying my food now. Before going primal eating was a chore and I got quite fed up with it because I had to eat so often. Now I eat less frequently and less of it when I do, and it tastes so much better, the flavour really comes out when the food isn't processed or accompanied by uneatables.


  1. Keep going at it!! its a Journey not a destination!!
    I am starting my own primal journey from tomorrow! was going to start in March but was enjoying my training and high calorie diet :-)
    be joining u shortly!!
    as for the primal foods you are eating I am glad u are really enjoying them as the main reason for doing this is for a lifestyle change and enjoying your food is the most important thing!!!..... I mean if you do not enjoy it then you will not stick to it.

    With that said I must say I personally prefer eating leaner meats and getting my fats from nuts and seeds rather than salty cuts of meat such as bacon. I am not saying sat fat is bad as its not!! fat in the meat of red meat etc is something I do not shy away from but I would in general try make lean meats, fruits, veg, nuts and seeds along with oily fish the foundation of your diet. and Use other cuts of meat and dairy as moderation foods. (which I know u are probably already doing) :-)

    keep up the great work and fantastic stuff with the blog!!
    James xx

  2. Let me know when you start and how you feel.

    I don't eat much bacon, I've only bought it twice since I started and I do find it too salty and it tastes unnatural. I have cut out all dairy except butter with my scrambled eggs, but I do dabble in some fatty meat, which is one of the foods that makes the diet pleasurable and stops me getting hungry but I can't eat much of it in one go else it makes me feel sick. I guess that's my body regulating my intake. Most people on the forum recommend high fat consumption, including from meat and there is a lot of evidence that unsoaked nuts and seeds cause problems, so I'm only having a few of those until I get socking and dehydrating. I'm eating a lot of oily fish too but have't found a good shop to get it from yet - am looking out for a local fishmonger.

    I look forward to reading your blog :)

  3. Hi Groketta,

    I'm reading. Keep posting! I started Primal about a week ago, switching from just counting calories. I made the switch because counting calories leaves me starving all the time. I've felt a huge relief in my appetite. I'm barely hungry at all eating like this.

    I think it's a good idea to weigh every day, contrary to what some say. The key is to graph your weight visually so that you can see the long term trends. A data point every day will give you a much better idea of your what causes your fluctuations (ie monthlies), and those fluctuations will actually become less concerning than they are now.

    I just wanted to ensure you that someone is reading and I look forward to seeing your progress.


  4. Hi Rachel!

    Thanks for commenting, it's hard to know if anyone is reading my posts and responses create motiviation to update the world on my progress.

    Glad to hear you are joining the primal world and are having success already, it really can make so much of a different to numerous aspects of life. I've also found that my appetite has diminished, which is a great relief because I got fed up of eating getting in the way of life and constantly feeling hungry and on edge.

    I'm with you on the weighing and plotting idea, particularly as I'm a geeky statistician :)

    Where abouts in the world are you? Do have a blog I can follow too?

  5. I don't blog, though I can't say I'm not tempted. I'm an economist (also a numbers geek) located in Washington D.C.

    I've struggled with weight my whole life. I started running a few years ago and restricting calories which got me to a "normal" weight. But no matter how much I run, when I stop counting I start gaining and I really don't want to be hungry for the rest of my life. So this is a welcome change. I lost 3.5 pounds last week, so it's doing wonders so far.

    The hardest part I've found so far is that I'm the cook at home and my boyfriend is underweight. Since I cook (and he loves potatoes and pasta), I've been cooking two dinners on many nights. Which is kinda rough on my time. It's also kind of expensive to eat this way, but luckily I can afford it.