Sunday, 13 March 2011

Work, Work, Work

Hello World, sorry I've neglected you recently. I'm getting faster at making food and have come up with some good, quick recipes of my own. Today I put some beef brisket in a casserole pot with some beef stock, onions, coriander, chilli powder and garlic and slow roasted it for 3 hours at 150 degrees C. It was utterly delicious and the meat was very tender. Slow roasting results in gorgeous melt in the mouth meat every time.

It occurred to me the other day that I no longer have any cravings, which is quite amazing. I don't miss any foods and I love the things I do eat, developing appreciation for a new paleo food every day.

My weight has been all over the place the last few days, due to my monthlies. Hopefully the line graph will start heading downhill again this week. Today I weighed in at 15 stone 8.75.

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