Friday, 25 March 2011


My weight doesn't seem to be going down anymore, which surprises me givn how low carb I'm eating. It did go down temporarily to 15 stone 6.75, but it crept back up to 15 stone 8.75 again today. This might not seem a lot but it takes ages for it to go down at all, so seeing it go back up is very frustrating indeed, especially when I have been 100% paleo for a month now. I think it may be due to lack of exercise - I've spent the last month indoors writing my chapter and haven't even done much in the way of walking. I spent an hour walking today and plan to do so every day to see how that works. It should help me become more sensitive to insulin. I've been feeling light headed again recently, and the last couple of days I seem to need to eat all to often. Doing any form of exercise always makes me feel hungry again, even if I ate just before starting. I assume this is due to the insulin resistance and my body is still looking for the easy carbs for fuel and it struggling with accessing the fat. Theoretically I should be able to last months on the stores I have right now, so why should I feel the need to eat at all?!

Yesterday I tried some of the Primal Blueprint Fitness exercises. I managed 15 wall push ups before hurting my wrist, 20 squats and I only managed to hold the plank position for 6 seconds before collapsing (3 times). I have to work on these for them to improve, but I feel very unfit. Especially after watching all the amazing dancers at the University dance show this evening - they were all beautiful, had fantastic figures and danced all evening. It was amazing to watch, I did enjoy it very much, but I was painful aware of being overweight and struggling to just walk up the hill. I'd love to be able to run again. I used to run for 40 minutes on a treadmill at the gym and loved the feeling. I'd like to be able to run through the countryside and not have to stop after 10 seconds because I can't breathe. I shall start with the walking.

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