Monday, 21 February 2011

Hideous Photos and Caffeine

I just have taken some photos of my pre-primal state and downloaded them onto my computer. I look utterly hideous and I don't know how I didn't notice this before; how did I let myself get this overweight?! I feel rather down now, but further encouraged to do something about it and I may even print out one of the photos and carry it with me, in case of rebellion. I will post some up when I no longer look like that, it's far too embarrassing to do now.

I have also decided to give up caffeine as it exacerbates insulin resistance and PCOS and I don't want to give my body any excuse to hang on the to fat. I managed to switch from 2 strong coffees per day to 2 cups of tea, and today I managed to only have one cup, with no migraines or withdrawal symptoms. I will go without caffeine as of tomorrow and hope that I don't get any withdrawal symptoms. If not, the next five days are going to be utter hell.

I had my last bar of chocolate today. Shortly after eating it my heart rate increased and I could feel it beating (not good, apparently), something I often experience after eating sugar or consuming caffeine, and increasingly so recently. It was scary and I felt unhealthy. I noticed that I could no longer find a sitting position that allowed me to cover my belly (in a subtle, draping manner), it just sticks out obtrusively, so I felt very self conscious during the stem cell lecture today and kept glancing down at the bulge. It's got to a point where being obese has become all consuming and I can't not do something about it now. I'm very grateful to James for suggesting this way of eating and look forward to seeing some changes.

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