Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Dreaming of Cake and Babies

I weighed in at an exciting 14 stone 10.25 this morning! The 14 stone milestone is in sight, which means that the very low carbing is working! I'm currently eating: meat, fish, eggs, green leafy veg and coconut milk. These are all very satisfying, tasty foods, but I have noticed that people are eating cake, wherever I go. It is usually very nicely decorated cake with coloured icing, or a wedding cake in a film on TV, or an advert for an instant cake mix, during which a child is licking the cake mixture spoon, watching the cakes bake in the oven and then for the grand finale he eats one in front of me. I've been dreaming about cake, and I mostly give in and eat it in my dreams, but in reality I have not eaten any cake or any other form of non-primal, high carb food. I have will power! I think it helps that even eating butternut squash makes me feel unwell due to the higher level of carbs, and I imagine how much worse I'd feel after eating cake. I may begin to indulge in a little cooled coconut cream when I've lost all the fat I want to. A friend asked me what my target weight was and I realised I didnt have an exact figure in mind. Having thought about it, I reckon that 10 stone would be ideal, given that I'm 5'6" tall. Since it's taken me nearly 3.5 months to lose 20.25lbs, it should take around a year to lose the reamining 66.25lbs. However, I expect that it will become easier to lose the weight as I become lighter and more able to exercise, so it may even happen sooner.

Oh, and the babies reference. Another friend recently announced that she's pregnant, which makes the total number of friends with either a baby, child or prenancy equal to 4299483202. They're everywhere, and I want one.

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