Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Positive Comments

I've started getting positive comments about my weight loss, so it is showing! My most recent weigh in was 14 stone 10.25lbs and my short term goal is 14 stone. I very much look forward to being able to fit into size 16 clothes. I have some ready from when I was a size 16 before (a long time ago!) and I even have some size 12s in a bag on top of the wardrobe. I KNOW I will get there at some point, even if it takes me another year.

My diet mostly consists of meat, eggs and veg at the moment, together with some coconut milk and a variety of oils. I had some wild salmon baked in tin foil with olive oil and lemon this evening, which helped to make it less dry. I have found that farmed salmon is much more oily and moist, but research suggests that it is much lower in omega 3 than wild salmon.

I seem to get an upset stomach whenever I eat the jerky I've made myself, so I'm going to lay off it for a while and buy some pre-made online, just so i can check it really is that causing the problem. I expect I'm leaving the meat in the fridge too long before dehydrating it. I also wonder whether it's actually cheaper buying it pre made, as the cost of running the dehydrator may well cancel out the convenience mark up. I'm investigating some British jerky makers and will report back.


  1. Hi Groketta,
    I came across your blog today and am finding it very inspiring and motivating. I've been "dabbling" in primal eating for quite a while now but haven't been in the right mindset to properly commit. I seem to have no willpower and haven't been able to quit the sugar/junk food when a craving strikes (and of course feeling and looking awful as a result).
    However, I feel like I'm ready to give it a proper go now; managed a fully primal day today, and have planned out my meals for the week. I am starting at a similar weight to you (nearly 95kg/15st) so it'll be interesting to see how our progress compares.
    I'm also in academia (finished my PhD last year and am now a post-doc) and really applaud you taking on this life change and managing your studies at the same time.
    Keep up the great work =)

  2. Hi Julie, thank you for your comment. I'm pleased to hear that I've inspired you. Are you going low carb primal or are you eating fruit too? I must say I got fed up with eating solely meat and veg, but I went the wrong way about introducing higher carb foods. Be careful with how strict you are with yourself - I got sick of meat in the end and went on a bender with sugar and a bit of cake. After 3 days I felt quite bloated which made me realise that I had to stick with primal in order to feel good. The last 4 weeks have been 90% primal and there are things I need to cut out eventually, such as the cheese, coffee and honey. If you get a craving, just eat some meat and make sure it contains some fat. If you still have a craving and you're not seriously low carbing it then have some berries. When I eat honey or a sugary food I just feel crap afterwards and wish I hadn't eaten it. My number 1 rule is, if I absolutely have to eat something non-primal then make sure it doesn't contain gluten. It takes the body 14 days to get rid of it! I'm currently rereading The Paleo Solution to help me get back on track and eliminate the aforementioned naughty foods.

    Are you in the UK? What was your PhD about?