Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Very Low Carbing

I felt very hypoglycemic a number of times during the weekend. I asked for advice on the Primal Blueprint forum and a number of people suggested that I need to increase my carb intake. However, I tried this and felt even worse (panicky, anxious, irritable, brain fog, sweating etc), so on Monday I ate NO carbs at all until the evening. I felt better but still lightheaded. It was an improvement on how I felt on more carbs though, so I stuck at it. Today I've eaten only meat (duck leg, lamb chop), 2 boiled eggs, a stick of celery and a small avacado, and I've had no hypos at all. I can occasionally feel my heart beating quite strongly, and these palpitations are apparently caused by the extra adrenalin that is being secreted in response to a lack of easy access fuel in the form of carbs. I assume that their occurrence will cease once my body has adapted to burning fat and using ketones. Hopefully this will accelerate the weightloss a little, as I am disappointed at having only lost just over 1 stone in 3 months, regardless of my dedication.

I'm currently back at the grindstone making corrections to the book chapter. The new LaTeX format for Springer contributed books makes it look very professional though and it will be exciting to see it in print (end of 2011).

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