Monday, 16 May 2011

Losing Weight Again!

Having cut out the coconut crack (too high in carbs) I am now losing weight again and have reached an exciting 14 stone 13! I was delighted to see a 14 on the scale as it was my short term goal. Now my short term goal is to get to 14 stone 7 as that's what I got down to when I did Atkins 2 years ago. I've also dropped a dress size, down from 20 to 18, and when I'm approaching 14 stone I'll be a size 16! I haven't been a size 16 for ages and it'll be so nice to be able to shop in regular clothes shops as opposed to Evans and M&S. I think that the long walks in Wales helped kick-start the fat loss too, and I feel musclier now than when I started. I keep feeling bits of me like my thighs because they're much firmer and I can't get over it...

I've been 100% primal for nearly 3 months now and haven't cheated once. I have, however, cheated repeatedly in my dreams! I keep dreaming about plates of pastries, sweets and cakes and I used to refuse them, but now I eat them, feel very guilty and then wake up very relieved that I didn't *actually* eat them.

I started receiving a weekly organic veg box from Abel and Cole, which has introduced me to new range of vegetables that I wouldn't normally buy. It was fun receiving and opening the first box, the small was incredible and i wanted to eat it all there and then. I used to feel sick after eating more than one portion of veg, but I now crave veggies and love eating them, without the nausea. I get an 8 portion box, which is apparently for 2-3 people for a week but I've used them all up by Monday and need to buy more. Their customer service is excellent and I would recommend them. If you do sign up, mention that I recommended you and we will both get free stuff :) Abel and Cole So far, I have been introduced to celeriac, kohlrabi and have fallen in love with radishes. I look forward to discovering more new species on Thursday!

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  1. Excellent! keep it up :) and the updates :)